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What is Giftologi?

We thought you’d never ask! Giftologi is the first of its kind multi-purpose online gift registry in Africa, launched in Ghana.

How does an online gift registry work?

It’s pretty simple! When you have any celebration coming up, where gifting is appropriate, you can use an online gift registry to curate a wishlist of items you would like to receive as gifts from your friends and family. You then share the wishlist (your registry) with your friends and family either via social media, email, Whatsapp or by giving them your unique registry URL. Your friends and family then come on our website, find your gift registry, select and buy an item for you and we wrap and deliver the item to you in time for your celebration.

What does multi-purpose gift registry mean?

Multi-purpose gift registry means you can use Giftologi for ANY occasion. The registry, products and treats we provide are not limited to one specific event or category.

Is Giftologi only for weddings?

We get this one a lot because most gift registries cater only to weddings either online or in-store. Giftologi is for here for ALL your celebrations. This covers birthdays, weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, anniversaries, house warming parties etc. Everyone is welcome!

Can I shop on Giftologi without creating a gift registry?

Yes! Once you create an account you will be able to access the Giftologi shop and spoil yourself, without creating a registry.

What is group gifting?

We offer group gifting because we know some gift items can be quite costly for just a single buyer. In these cases, you can select the group gifting option, set an amount you would need and indicate which items your friends and family are contributing to.

How long can I have a registry?

You can create a gift registry up to 6 months before your event/occasion. Gift registries close automatically 2 weeks after the event/occasion date.

Cash Fund

What is a cash fund?

Giftologi cash funds allow you to set an amount with different cash products and quantity your friends and family can contribute money towards your cause.

For example, if you wish to have GHS 5000 towards your honeymoon, you can select two GHS 1000 products (making GHS 2000), four GHS 500 products (makes GHS 2,000 and adds to GHS 4,000) and finally add ten GHS 100 products (GHS 1,000). This will bring you to a total of GHS5,000 and give your friends the chance to give according to their limits.

Alternatively, you can select the GHS 1000 product and set the quantity at 5.

You can call +233 302 944 158 for further assistance.

What can I use a cash fund for?

Cash funds are great for funeral donations, contributions to honeymoons or any other experiential gifts as well as group gifting which requires multiple people to purchase an item.

Why do I need to upload a death certificate in order to create a funeral cash fund?

The integrity of Giftologi, as well as safe user experience, are key to us. We require that a death certificate be uploaded in order to create a cash fund for funerals to verify that the gift registry owner is indeed bereaved.

When will I receive the funds in my cash fund?

The amount in your cash fund, less 5%, will be transferred to you 2 weeks before the funeral date and again 2 weeks after if additional funds have come in when the cash fund automatically closes

Creating a Registry

Do I have to pay to create a registry?

Nope! Creating a registry is absolutely FREE!

When can I create a registry?

You can create a registry as early as 6 months to your event. We advise you create your registry as early as possible to give your friends and family ample time to purchase all your gifts. The latest we advise you create your registry is 2 weeks to your event/occasion.

Do you have any tips on creating a registry?

Try and have a good mix of prices in your registry so that all your guests can find items within their respective budgets

Will my registry be public?

Only if you want it to! You have the option to make your gift registry private so that only people you share it with can access it.

How do I opt for group gifting?

Create a cash fund and list the items you wish to be group gifted.

What happens if the group gifting amount is not reached?

Since group gifting is designed for products on Giftologi, whatever amount is reached in your group gift cash fund will reflect in your Giftologi account as a voucher to shop on the website.

Can I create more than one gift registry at a time?

Not at this time. We are working on it, though. Stay tuned!

Manage a Registry

What happens if an item in my registry goes out of stock?

You will receive an email informing you of the product being unavailable so you can update your registry with another product of your choice.

How do I know when a gift has been purchased from my registry?

You will receive an email notifying you about the purchase and the item will grey out in your gift registry.

Can I change the items in my gift registry?

Certainly, head to Manage Registry any time after creating your registry and remove or add items to your registry as long as they have not been purchased yet.


Do you support international shipping?

Not at the moment. Sorry, guys!

Do you accept international payments?

Yes we accept Visa and Mastercard payments, for your convenience.


How long do deliveries take?

Deliveries take between 2 to 4 weeks depending on the proximity of the purchase date to the event/occasion date.


How do I become a vendor?

Shoot us a message at [email protected]

How much does it cost to become a vendor?

Not a pesewa. It’s free to be listed…for now

What do I get from becoming a vendor?

An additional sales channel and free advertising. More revenue at no cost.

Does Giftologi do deliveries or do vendors deliver?

We handle all deliveries unless the vendor has a vendor-delivery policy attached to a product, usually due to its size, fragility or installation needs.

Exchange & Refund

Do you do exchanges?

Yes, we are happy to exchange any items that have manufacturing defects or are damaged during delivery.

Do you accept returns?

Yes, we accept returns of items that have a manufacturing defect or are damaged during delivery. We then offer store credit as a refund or exchange for the same product.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes, we offer Giftologi store credit for refunds on items that have manufacturing defects or are damaged during delivery.


How do I find a registry?

You can either put the registry URL in your browser directly or search on Giftologi under “Find Registry” using the gift registry owner’s name.

Why do I need to provide my email address to view a registry?

We want to be able to keep you informed about your order and the registry you have been invited to view every step of the way.

Can I deliver the gift myself to the celebrant?

Yes, please! Choose to deliver the purchased products to yourself, during checkout, instead of the gift registry owner.

Can I include a card with my gift?

Currently, you are able to send a sweet note on a customized Giftologi card along with your gift.


How do I make press enquiries?

Please shoot a message to [email protected]